Thursday, February 12, 2009

The "Appeal Of Conscience" Grips Modern Catholics And Jews Into The Alliance Of Civilizations: The Thought Police Are Here!

Today, February 12, 2009, The Alliance Of Civilizations gathered Modern Catholics and Jews through an appeal toward the global conscience.

Reported here by this author, accompanied with reader backlash at the time, back in April 2008, when Pope Benedict visited The Alliance Of Civilizations High Level Ranking Group Member Rabbi Arthur Schneier's Park East Synagogue, it seemed very surreal. Almost like a vision on a desert island looking far off in the distance over the ocean waves. Well, that vision continues to become nearer and nearer, clearer and clearer, step by step.

Both the Modernist German Pope and the AoC HLG Jewish Member Schneier expressed the hope that "dialogue between Catholics and Jews could emerge from the crisis even stronger."

As Schneier's Appeal Of Conscience foundation states, "A crime committed in the name of religion is the greatest crime against religion." We can safely say, much fruition of this statement will prophetically bear relevance for us all.

The convenient thesis and anti-thesis (insert ironic anti-Semitic resemblance here) confrontation because of partial holocaust denier Bishop Williamson has triggered SYNTHESIS.

Maaaaaan, you can't even think this stuff up for a Hollywood script let alone it happening in real life. That's right! you won't see this "script" on TBN.

Its in plain sight and at the same time so emotionally camouflaged.

Well, The Thought Police of AoC Tolerance grows. And we're all invited.

And yes, I expect, again, to be one of the few reporting and connecting these events sprinkled with the same backlash.

I guess its Miller Time!
I mean it's Brussels Belgium Blue Moon time :)



Anonymous said...
Tommy James & the Shondells must have been drinking some of that Belgium Blue.
“People are changing.” Somehow, through osmosis I think, utopian ideals permeated the sixties counter-culture and took to flight upon the wings of doctrines of. . .

johnny said...

Dig it!

Cool connect.