Friday, February 6, 2009

The Honest Steinmeier Wishes To Broker New Global Security Architecture At Munich

If this was a dead end topic, we would not be reporting on it. -Johnny

Germany's Steinmeier Calls for New Global Security Architecture

Steinmeier and Iranian Speaker Of Parliament, Larijani, will meet again in Munich This Weekend

"The Cold War has been over for 20 years - which means it is high time that we start breaking out of that way of thinking, a way of thinking that sometimes accompanies us like a long shadow out of the past," he said, during opening speeches at the Munich Security Conference....

"The old dream of a shared security area stretching from Vancouver to Vladivostok, which has been discussed in this very room multiple times, is not just going to fall from heaven. I fear it will remain a dream if we seek its fulfillment through a legally binding treaty, with long years of negotiations and the uncertain outlook of ratification in more than 50 parliaments."

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Setterman said...

Johnny, if this quote from “Germany's Steinmeier Calls for New Global Security Architecture” were true then why is Russia encouraging Iran to build nuclear warheads?
Steinmeier said the time is right for seeking a new way to achieve this new security apparatus, given a new US administration which has stressed its willingness to enter into negotiations on prickly issues. Steinmeier also noted that now is a good time to reach out to Russia, given that its president, Dmitry Medvedev, is from a younger generation less influenced by the Cold War than his predecessors.” No pun intended, but the fallout from Irans nuclear ambitions well mean worldwide chaos.

johnny said...

Officially, Russia has stated is has yet to find ANY evidence that Iran is building or planning to build nuclear "warheads".

Officially, Iran has stated it seeks its own"energy independence".

The issue in regards to Iran is its Nuclear Program which was discussed in Munich over the weekend.

Important note: Iran is also very, very abundant in oil and natural gas reserves. This is a key component, "energy security", especially in relations to Russia. Steinmeier knows it all too well.

If there is any concern of a possible worldwide chaos brought about by nuclear weapons, then the "good time" as Steinmeier has said, IS NOW for ALL Middle East Countries (Member or not, NATO, UN, etc..what have you...) to come clean and publicly, officially, lay their nuclear arms on the table. Gain trust and confidence in each others relations, aspirations and lifestyle.

Do I believe this will happen?


Hence a New Strategic Concept is ready to become a reality.

The course to empire, to Destiny, is on track. Subterfuge, manipulation and the quest for dominion is the will of this game. There is too much mistrust girded by the belts from Hades.