Monday, February 2, 2009

Vatican Talmudists

Monday, February 02, 2009

The John Paul II Theology of Pope Benedict XVI

An exposé by Michael Hoffman and Maurice Pinay

In addition to providing bureaucratic cover for something like half the serial sexual predation of children that occurred in the U.S., the pontificate of the late John Paul II institutionalized the Judas doctrine on Judaism that had been pioneered in the modern era by Pope Paul VI.

Much has been made of Benedict XVI's alleged restoration of the Church contra the innovations of John Paul II. However, the blogger who writes under the pen name Maurice Pinay shows just how wayward and gravely disordered is the theology of Pope Benedict. Nothing has changed in the post-conciliar Vatican except appearances. Pinay first quotes Benedict's recent statement kowtowing to the "Shoah" (Holocaustolatry), and then deconstructs it in light of traditional Catholic teaching and his reading of this writer's book, Judaism Discovered.

Bad Advice From the Pope --

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