Friday, January 15, 2010

Apostasy: Orthodox Judaism Missed The Israeli Savior "The Harem Messiah" In Tel Aviv?

Photo: Ofer Amram

'Israel's Fritzl' Arrested on Charges of Incest, Sex Abuse

Residents of Tel Aviv’s quiet Hatikva neighborhood were shocked yesterday to discover a self-styled Jewish sage living in their midst with a harem of 30 women kept as "slaves" in squalid apartments.

Goel Ratzon, 60, is accused of fathering 37 children since 1993 with his "wives" and daughters. Ratzon, who was dubbed by the local media as "Israel’s Josef Fritzl," is under arrest on suspicion of incest and sexual abuse.

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Israeli police arrest harem 'messiah' Goel Ratzon

• Jewish sage alleged to control cult of at least 17 women
• Disciplinarian believed to have fathered dozens of children

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Israel’s ‘Harem Messiah’

CAIRO – Branded as “Harem Messiah”, a self-styled Jewish sage has been arrested for a list of criminal charges, including enslavement, sexual abuse and rape, reported Haaretz Friday, January 15.

“Goel Ratzon is accused of crimes which range from holding women in enslavement, rape, extortion, and indecent acts against minors," Tel Aviv District Court said.

“It suffices to look at the evidence presented thus far in order to understand the picture that emerges of a man who physically and psychologically took control of women who live in his domicile and children who live with those same women.”

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