Friday, January 8, 2010

Pope Continues Clarion AoC Call Of Christians And Muslims To End Religious Violence And Conflict

With 1 Million Protestants, 1 Million Catholics And 1.3 Million Muslims, Pope Urges Christian-Muslim Dialogue

"During his trip to the Holy Land in May 2009, the pope expressed his ''profound respect for the Muslim community'' and called on an ''alliance of civilizations'' to end religious violence and conflict."


Vatican City, Italy, (ANSA): Closer dialogue between Christians and Muslims is the best way to foster peace and promote trust, Pope Benedict XVI said on Thursday.

Receiving Ankara's new ambassador to the Holy See, Kenan Gursoy, the pontiff stressed the need for the Catholic Church ''to forge ahead with inter-faith dialogue in a spirit of mutual respect and friendship''. He recalled his own visit to Turkey in 2006, ''the first papal visit to a Muslim-majority country'', saying he was delighted at the opportunity to express his ''high regard for Muslims''.

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