Thursday, January 14, 2010

The New Age Pope: Modernist Rome Is Ready To Govern A Green World

The Pope said that to cultivate peace, one must protect creation

Pope Benedict XVI Lambasts Copenhagen Failure

By David Willey
BBC News, Rome

The Pope has criticised the failure by world leaders to agree to a new climate change treaty in Copenhagen last month.

He told nearly 100 ambassadors accredited to the Vatican that world leaders had a continuing responsibility towards preserving God's creation.

He criticised the "economic and political resistance" to fighting environmental degradation and creating a new climate treaty at Copenhagen.

Benedict XVI was speaking in his annual talk to the Vatican diplomatic corps.

December's summit in Denmark failed to create a successor to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

The Pope said the issue was particularly critical for island nations, and also for the African continent where the battle for resources and increasing desertification has led to armed conflicts.

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Pope Emerges As New Climate Leader

Wed, Jan 13 2010 at 6:38 PM EST

Pope Benedict XVI is turning out to be one of the greatest advocates for climate regulation. A new statement from the Vatican.

Who do you think will emerge as the greatest climate hero of 2010? Al Gore? Robert Kennedy? Van Jones? Guess again... it's the Pope.

Though he has condemned those hippy nature-worshipping Avatar fans, Pope Benedict XVI has been quietly advocating for a healthier, greener lifestyle. Until now, his recommendations have been far from political but in a statement he made this week at an annual address to Vatican officials, the Pope is unleashing some shock and awe of the Catholic variety.

The Pope admonished world leaders for their failure to reach an agreement in Copenhagen. He also stated that the "self-centered and materialistic" motives which caused the economic meltdown could result in an environmental meltdown:

Was it not easy to see the great harm which an economic system lacking any reference to the truth about man had done not only to the dignity and freedom of individuals and peoples, but to nature itself, by polluting soil, water and air?

With the climate denial machine continuing in full swing and a climate advocacy movement left in tatters in the wake of Copenhagen, the Pope has brought a ray of light to what looks like a dark and gloomy climate battle ahead. When you shepherd a flock of close to a quarter of the world's population, your pronouncements will be heard far and wide, echoing from the halls of St. Petersburg to Capitol Hill.

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