Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where Are The Deutschmarks? No One Is Saying

Billions Of D-Marks STILL Not Cashed In

Billions of German deutschmarks have yet to be changed into Euros. Deutsche Welle tried to find out what has happened to the missing money and asked experts what can be done about these dead reserves.

A bag of chocolate deutschmarks was just one of the odd products that I glimpsed on sale at a UK airport this Christmas. With no time to check the best before date, I was left wondering whether this was a sign of the ultimate devaluation of the once mighty D-mark, or just very poor stock management.

Much stranger still is that eight years after euro notes and coins went into circulation here in Germany, a staggering 13.6 billion deutschmarks are yet to be traded in. That is the equivalent to almost seven billion euros - or some 175 euros for every German household.

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