Monday, January 25, 2010

The Colossal Affront To Zionism Lands Worldwide: Post Zionist Tel Aviv Professor Shlomo Sand Archives Modern Israel As Political Enterprise

Shlomo Sand: 'I wrote the book against Jewish essentialism.' Photograph: Olivia Grabowski-West

Shlomo Sand is not an enemy of the "Jews". Rather an enemy to the Pharisaic Spirit of Orthodox Judaism. With its tragic finality, as documented by other historical political state enterprises, on course to reach its peak, Shlomo Sand's worldwide tsunami bestseller, "The Invention Of The Jewish People" breaks the religious myth and legend of Zionism and the modern state of "Israel." Pro-Zionist campaign suffers its most lethal blow. Guardian UK reports.

Shlomo Sand: An Enemy Of The Jewish People?

'Post-Zionist' Shlomo Sand has outraged many Jews by disputing the ethnic basis of Jewish identity. Rafael Behr meets him in Paris

Shlomo Sand presses his thumbs together, palms outward, fingers stretching up like the branches of a candelabra. "If you can visualise it…" The air above our table is meant to be the Mediterranean region shortly after the birth of Christ. Sand's hands are rival monotheistic cults.

"There are two kinds of Judaism: Christianity and a kind of Judaism that starts to close in on itself because of the success of Christianity." The hands drift apart. The fingers on the right withdraw into a fist. "The vision that we have of Judaism today came out of this closedness, because of fear; because of the conditions imposed on Judaism if it was to continue under Christianity."

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