Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Although Javier Solana and NATO Condemns Afghanistan "Suicide Attack", Suspicion and Distrust are rapidly surfacing

As reported in my October 29, 2007 summary of the Switzerland Think Tank article, "Prospects For A New NATO Strategic Concept", in which it briefly mentioned that a 9-11 event in Afghanistan could possibly bring NATO on the fast track for "TRANSFORMATION", could the Tuesdays bombings in Afghanistan have started this transformation? Though 9-11 on an Afghanistan scale would have to be smaller and high impacting as oppose to America I really pray this was not it.

On Tuesday November 6, 2007 it was originally reported that a "suicide bomber" killed himself, civilians and Afghanistan Political officials while they were visiting a sugar factory in Baghlan in the Northern part of Afghanistan. That morning I noticed on it was briefly highlighted as breaking news but by noon it was gone. By late evening reports became scattered and unclear until this morning. Already, condemnation had poured in from Javier Solana, NATO, The UN, The U.S. and was reported as far as China, and in The New York Times. The suicide bomber and his Taliban colleagues were to blame.

But, thanks to other news sources it is also being reported that the "suicide bombing attack" is in HIGH SUSPICION. It appears that this may have been an assassination targeting Sayed Mustafa Kazemi, an influential opposition lawmaker and a former commerce minister to the current Afghanistan government. The attack also raised questions. It was reported The Taliban denied involvement but also strongly condemned the attack. And It is also being reported that a female member of parliament that was scheduled to be with the delegation has said that this was not a suicide bomb but rather a missile attack. Distrust and tensions are mounting in Afghanistan

I pray that "Transformation" is not in gear, otherwise the world may be in for the ride of our lives.
Will continue to sift through all the facts.

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