Sunday, November 18, 2007

European Neighborhood Policy Biggest Player Behind Current Investigation in Cisco Systems Computer Shipment To SYRIA

In a FoxNews article three U.S. agencies are NOW looking at whether Cisco Systems should have shipped "sensitive" computer technology to Syria.

Apparently the U.S. in its war against terrorism has been quietly supporting the UN to help the Syrian government to "maintain its borders" since three years ago.

But believe it or not, the main player behind this is the EUROPEAN UNION, "Even though UNDP (the United Nations Development Program) and the Bush Administration had significant roles in the customs project, the biggest player is clearly the European Union. Ever since 2004 — the same year the Bush Administration announced its trade embargo against Syria — the E.U. has been dangling a strategy of enhanced trade relations with countries on the southern edge of the Mediterranean as part of a “European Neighborhood” policy aimed at expanding the E.U.’s economic sphere of influence".

Oh yes.

I'm sure that "sphere of influence" will soon be felt at the upcoming Annapolis Summit where Javier Solana has been quoted as "hoping Syria will attend". Now I wonder why Mr. Solana wants Syria there?

Strange bedfellows eh?

Oh and stranger still, Olmert and Barak desire for Syria to be at the Annapolis Summit. Yes, thats right, Jerusalem and Damascus may be able to start a new positive future.

Remember, Syria has been regarded as a "terrorist" nation according to the U.S.
And also remember during a recent Israeli jet attack in Syria it was alleged that a warehouse which was destroyed was really a North Korean nuclear reactor, but let's not get all bent out of shape, right?

Maybe the devil is just in the details. Certainly the devil is being felt by some in U.S. Foreign Diplomacy.

At least now we see Syria is on the right path to "Democracy". She's tightening her borders all the way to the Euphrates River.

Wow!! The Euphrates River. What do You think?

Transatlantic Relations + European Neighbors = _______ (You Fill In The Blank - I don't want to say it)

But just NOTE: The 7 Year Agreement Javier Solana created, called the European Neighborhood Policy Instrument - ENPI), supersedes the U.S. War On Terrorism; it has, even before all of this.

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