Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Crucial Implementation Period Will Be Defined in Annapolis

My Opinion-

The Crucial Implementation Period

Will Be Defined

Dates for the Stages
Dividing The Land Will Be Unveiled

Why I believe This Will Take Place

From Javier Solana's EU Action Strategy in Annapolis, "The EU considers that the present opportunity (Annapolis) should not be missed and is ready to take its responsibilities, in accordance with the vital European interests involved. The EU is therefore committed to supporting current efforts in a serious and substantive way, offering a comprehensive and coherent contribution to the process, including during the crucial implementation period".

Have no doubts in regards to Tuesday's Annapolis Summit in Maryland.
The dates for the stages of an Israeli-Palestenian Two State Solution will occur.
It would be to your benefit to let it start sinking in now (Sunday November 25, 2007).

As Javier Solana's transitive verb in the quoted text above states, implementation means to accomplish and carry out. It will be viewed from a Global perspective as a SUCCESS to the beginning stages of Peace In The Middle East.

The Arab Peace Initiative, strengthened by Saudi-German relations, will successfully achieve the desired results which will take on an 60 year historical precedent, and by others, an historical beginning/finality to 2000+ years of war in the Middle East.

President Bush will have added the Ultimate Trump Card to his legacy and will more than likely propel his "Christian" Republican party legacy into the next Presidency. Hillary and Obama will probably pale to the side as the opposition voice in the Democratic parties.

Now why would I believe any of this to take place?

Why should I offer conjecture in the face of the MAJORITY that is viewing this as anything but a COMPLETE FAILURE.

Here's Why:

#1. The Mediterranean Countries
that signed the ENPI 7 Year Agreement are complying
#2. Syria will now be at Annapolis
#3. The up-rooting of the Jewish Settlers Has Already Begun - The Golan Heights on the agenda
#4. The Voices of War are being taking out of the picture - Hamas, Sharon etc
#5. Many agree Annapolis as the starting point "process" as the Launching Pad
#6. Annapolis has backing along with prayer from The Vatican
#7. Germany, as a key financial player, is ready to back up Annapolis
#8. Condoleezza Rice does not see Annapolis as "peace talks" but rather as "her baby" and as
a "very big step forward"
#9. The terror alert in Jerusalem has passed - Middle East Peace moves forward
#10. President Bush will be heralded as launching Peace in the Middle East
#11. Lebanon will be at Annapolis
#12. History is in the making and one Israeli says you can make money from it
#13. This will form the biggest opposition to Russia
#14. Olmert and Abbas' relationship strongly surpasses first hurdle
#15. East Jerusalem decision will be the show stopper
#16. Israeli Ambassador to Russia says Annapolis will inaugurate negotiations
#17. Majority of Evangelical Christians are focused on everything BUT Annapolis and Israel

Now, as all of this may seem like BIG speculation on my part, of particular interest is point #17.

Many Independent Bible Prophecy Christians such as myself have witnessed a major shift away from Israel, Bible Prophecy, let alone anything remotely related to the Middle East other than getting cheaper gasoline here in the U.S. for their Big SUV's.

Yet, although the Vatican has issued a call to prayer specifically in regards to Annapolis, it is the majority of Evangelical Christians that find themselves unaware that they are caught in a new age of spirituality that is moving them away from Bible Prophecy and Israel.

As the spiritual global paradigm shift continues its course in the world it's influence in the church was long ago foretold. Most recently caught early on by such courageous investigators like Constance Cumbey and Herb Peters, its relentless pace quickens and is sometimes difficult to see or understand. As evident at this interfaith prayer in Annapolis a spiritual connectedness grows.

Although many from both camps and visitors to this blog may not totally agree with my synopsis of the upcoming Annapolis meetings it is worth noting that Constance Cumbey foresaw this from as early on as the 1980's and documented it in 1994-5.

So without further opinions on Annapolis from this writer please enjoy and consider Constance's observations.

Could I be wrong in my ideas on Annapolis?
Absolutely YES!
But if not, then we may have a bigger problem to deal with than we thought.
Don't forget to share your thoughts on any of this by posting a comment.

Constance E. Cumbey

Constance's Blog

Saturday, November 24, 2007



Cleaning house and discovering my old papers and scribblings can sometimes be fun. I discovered the New Age Movement in 1981 and first started sounding alarms on it then. Between 1982 and 1989 it became my major occupation. In December, 1988, I returned to my former law practice, but still maintained my relentless examination of the New Age Movement and related religious apostasies. I noticed in 1994 that confusion, even among cult-watchers was growing. My now decesed good friend, , Liz Collins, urged me to compose a summary of what I then perceived. I did and gave it to her. I recently found a copy of it. I gave it to Liz Collins on December 12, 1994. That was when we were both busy fighting the Dr. Kevorkian/Euthanasia battles which are an important components of the "death and dying" ("Death, the Next Great Adventure") of the New Age Movement. I have decided to share it with NEWSWITHVIEWS.COM readers as well as my blogspot participants. Here it is and I will value your feedback. You are free to reprint it, but please give credit to its source, yours truly! Supplemental to , this is the concomitant development of a “global ethic” which is also being pursued by the New World Religion proponents, including but not limited to Dr. Hans Kung. Also to be considered are the obvious earth worship approaches being advanced to gain human consensus over “care for the Earth.” Also not as obvious to me when I wrote this was the increasing aggression of anti-clerical, atheistic forces, such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harrison exemplify.

Copyright © 1994, 1995 b y Constance E. Cumbey
All Rights Reserved.

1. New Agers believe recognition of cults and their dangers, spiritual hunger, and conflict in the human family. See Alice Ann Bailey, THE REAPPEARANCE OF THE CHRIST, Chapter 6, pages 147-155.

2. They will then explore religious facts we can AGREE upon.

3. The fact of GOD will be universally agreed upon.

4. “Karma” and semantic various upon it will be increasingly expressed. In western religion it will be based upon “Whatsoever a man soweth, that will he also reap. (Galatians 1:7). This may be alternatively expressed as “the law of cause and effect”; “The Law of Reciprocity” (Pat Robertson); “The Law of Rebirth,” depending on beginning religious orientation and the presentation and/or presenter, i.e. the target audience.

5. CONTINUITY OF REVELATION will be stressed. This should be carefully considered in view of Catholic debates over SOLA SCRIPTURA and Protestant presentations of “BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT” and/or “WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE.” Traditional careful tests of what is and what is not of God will be largely abandoned in hunger for “NEW REVELATION,” “SIGNS AND WONDERS, etc., abandoning past caution and careful caution of all such claims.

6. Doctrine of AVATARS or continuing “saviors” will be tied in with stress upon spiritual hunger of man and man’s reaching out to God. Supposedly, God will respond with new messengers.

7. Man will be given an expectancy that another great REVELATION is on its way from an all caring God.

8. This new REVELATION will prove the “truth” of the IMMANENCY OF GOD (“God within”).

9. We will also be told that God is TRANSCENDENT. This is so we will look outside for NEW REVELATION. People who restrict themselves to Biblical verification and/or consistency (God can speak anytime, anywhere, but internal consistency is a test of authenticity -- the Holy Spirit never contradicts himself) will be increasingly marginalized – inside and outside the Church.

10. A SCIENCE of prayer and worship will be stressed. Cf. CONCERTS OF PRAYER for Evangelicals; “Centering Prayer” and “Renewal” for Catholics, Lutherans and Episcopalians; TRIANGLES, “Meditation Groups”, etc., for New Agers groups and activities such as “Triangles,” Praying will rough this is a belief in the establishment of THE KINGDOME OF GOD ON EARTH as be done according to a FORMULA and/or “altered state” process.

11. Hovering all through this is a belief in the establishment of THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH as “GOD REALIZED” peoples manifest “Christ,” “God,” “The Holy Spirit,” or their various New Age “walk-ins” inside themselves as they increasingly absorb all of the above.

12. Astrology will be HARMONIZED with the Bible and “Bible Study.” Historical investigation will “reveal” that actually it is a “Godly ting.” Cf. Prophecies in stone, some Protestant teachings that actually astrology stood for the twelve apostles,” “12 tribes of Israel, etc.”

13. Throughout all of this the watchwords will be DIALOGUE and UNDERSTANDING. There will be presentations through CROSS CULTURAL MINISTRIES, and the Missionary Process itself will be largely subverted in the interests of liberty to teach to indigenous peoples by stressing commonality with the native religions rather than a simple presentation of the Gospel.

14. CONNECTEDNESS and GROUP EXERCISES to make people feel CONNECTED will be increasingly stressed. Sometimes this will be done to “promote righteousness. In the New Age, the only “sin” is to be “the sin of separation.” Cf. Promisekeepers, eastern religions rites, “Native American Spiritualities,” and small group processes.


Anonymous said...

Great article. I guess we will just have to see what happens, but I agree with you that something will happen from this there are already major events that have surpassed the previous Sharon and Abbas relationship. I believe a date will be announced. Unlike the rest of the Christian community I will be in prayer (and not for the sake of the Pope).

johnny said...


When I last talked with Herb Peters on the Micro Effect, I specifically asked him if he thought the Church would finally acknowledge the fact they we are indeed in Daniels 70th Week if the Arab Peace Initiative would be agreed to.

He believed that the Bible Prophecy students would, BUT, NOT the Church.

He said in reference to the Church, "I think they will become MORE stubborn".

He was basing that on the years and years of Church history.

I am in prayer with you.

And I do hope I'm wrong, because if I'm not, The Church will become more stubborn, as Herb said, which will make it even more harder to convey to them the true meaning of these events.

It's interesting to note that I talked with Herb this year in 2007 before his death and now we're looking at the Arab Peace Initiative being on the agenda at Annapolis.

Things are moving Sooooo Faaaast.
Hang on to your seat it's gonna be a bumpy night!

Rudi said...

Great post Johnny- I found myself nodding in agreement as I read your current blog. The 17 reasons you gave supporting your conclusions about the up-coming Annapolis conference were very interesting to consider. The days, weeks and months to follow the conference will have us all watching to see how events will play out as information filters back through the media. After clicking on #17 and viewing the websites front page I thought, “THIS is what is deemed worthy to be front page news for “Christianity Today”?????” That was before I read your comment which followed the list. Many in the church must be sound asleep. -Rudi

johnny said...

Hi Rudi!

Thank you so very much for your comments.

I agree with you on all your points.

It will indeed be interesting to see how all of this unravels before us.

And a big Agreement on your comment in regards to Christianity Today.

I about just fell over when I saw what they placed as the Main headlines.

Oh No!!!!!!!
Oh Rudi, look what was just sent to my inbox.

"Christian Leaders Ask For Muslim Forgiveness"

Oh wow!

Check out this quote, "What is common between us lies... in something absolutely central to both: love of God and love of neighbor".

Rudi, the AoC is pushing ahead and their "friends" are moving so quickly too.

Maybe that will be tomorrows headline on Christianity Today.

Here is the link to that article

Rudi, we are witnessing it.
We ARE witnessing it.

I have a feeling Constance and Dorothy will recognize a lot of the Christian names on this Apology letter to the Muslims.