Friday, November 16, 2007

Russia Will Send Nuclear Fuel To Iran

"A matter of principle" will fulfill Iran's nuclear energy which will be sent by Russia.

Here is another trump over Javier Solana, NATO, Israel and his western counterparts.

Iran's first of many atomic power stations will receive uranium from Russia to fuel it.

Russia has complied with the UN nuclear watchdog IAEA,

"In a report on Iran issued on Thursday, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said it had "made arrangements to verify and seal the fresh fuel foreseen (for Bushehr) on Nov. 26, before shipment of the fuel from Russia to Iran".

Russia has so far given no concrete date for when it will send the nuclear fuel to Bushehr, but says it would be sent six months before the plant's repeatedly delayed start-up. According to Russian forecasts, the reactor at the plant could be started up in 2008 and nuclear fuel would have to arrive at the plant six months before that".

Note* No mention in regular American mainstream media. You have to find this info as it happens or it will slip by. Downplay and distract is how you react to a day like today.

Fast and furious is the name of the game on the Transatlantic Relations Chess Board.

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