Thursday, November 15, 2007

NATO in Afghanistan - The Big Mission Is At Stake and So Is Its Broader Future

There is so much at stake in Afghanistan. I don't even want to think about it at times.

How much do you ask?

Well, there are some foreign policy experts that believe NATO's Future Is Potentially At Stake.

Even the Brookings Institution see The Bigger Mission in Afghanistan which recently held "discussions" in regards to this issue.

Yes, Pakistan is mentioned. Oh yeah, and so are record opium crops!

But don't believe me, lets read what the"foreign policy experts" generally believe,

"In Brief,
With the expansion of the European Union and the rise of transnational threats like terrorism, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) must redefine its security and transatlantic diplomacy role for the 21st century.
NATO's takeover of the military presence in Afghanistan is the beginning of a broader international function".

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