Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Dynamic, Decentralized, Emergent Authority

Published: April 27, 2009

In these post-cold war days, we don’t face a single concentrated threat. We face a series of decentralized, transnational threats: jihadi terrorism, a global financial crisis, global warming, energy scarcity, nuclear proliferation and, as we’re reminded today, possible health pandemics like swine flu.

These decentralized threats grow out of the widening spread and quickening pace of globalization and are magnified by it. Instant global communication and rapid international travel can sometimes lead to universal, systemic shocks. A bank meltdown or a virus will not stay isolated. They have the potential to hit nearly everywhere at once. They can wreck the key nodes of complex international systems.

So how do we deal with these situations? Do we build centralized global institutions that are strong enough to respond to transnational threats? Or do we rely on diverse and decentralized communities and nation-states?

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gary said...

I'll say no to global governance if you'll say yes to increased democracy. Specifically I propose a weaker (non governing), but more democratic UN...


johnny said...

Gary, today's movement towards global governance is an increase towards global democracy and its track record is as corrupt and deceptive as was the movements leading towards the hanging tree gallows of the crucifixion.

Specifically, I would have to give you 51 Reasons To Say No To Global Democracy e.g. Global Governance.

“51 Reasons To Say NO To Global Governance”

1. Global Central Bank corruption, fraud and abuse with no accountability

2. Global Government corruption, fraud and abuse with no accountability

3. Military Industrial Complex corruption, fraud and abuse with no accountability

4. Global Police State powers enacted

5. Secret policies and amendments without the publics consent

6. Transfer of wealth from the middle class to the Upper Class

7. No more local voice

8. No public accountability

9. Media control by corporations and banks

10. No freedom of speech

11. No Habeas Corpus no more innocent until proven guilty

12. No liberty to travel to and fro strict activity prohibitions applied

13. No liberty to believe in ones own belief as TRUTH

14. Extreme taxation

15. Military abuse

16. Corporate and Bank run governments and municipalities

17. Pharmaceutical fraud and abuse with no accountability

18. Medical fraud and abuse with no accountability

19. Secret tribunals in the public/private sector

20. National Sovereignty abolished

21. Electronic Vote manipulation, fraud and abuse with no accountability

22. Financial market manipulation, fraud and abuse with no accountability

23. Consensus herd mentality decisions instead of individual mentality decisions

24. Multilateral Organizations manipulation, fraud and abuse with no accountability

25. Favoritism toward relatives and relationships, based upon that relationship, rather than on an objective evaluation of ability or suitability – Nepotism

26. Regional Organizations manipulation, fraud and abuse with no accountability

27. Corporate and bank Global Government run agriculture

28. Corporate and bank Global Government run athletics

29. Corporate and bank Global Government run entertainment

30. No relevance to the individual but rather to the interests of relevant stakeholders/shareholders in Global Government

31. No more self defense or self protection

32. Local and state laws no longer enforced

33. Global Judicial manipulation, fraud and abuse with no accountability

34. No more personal rights

35. Philosophy implemented and enforced as truth EQUAL to religion

36. Handicapped and mentally challenged individuals are categorized as handicap to society

37. No more parental rights, children are sole Global Government World Citizen owned

38. Abortion mandated quotas enforced globally

39. Energy resource manipulation, fraud and abuse with no accountability

40. One size regional rule of law cannot fit all

41. Global education cites global mandated curriculums only

42. Central global governance will mandate own religious belief system

43. Central global governance will mandate tracking of every living being

44. Central global governance mandated modern weather modification technologies

45. Central global governance mandated and enforced vitamin and mineral supplements control

46. Central global governance mandated sexual interdependent activity prohibitions

47. Central global governance mandated expression of thoughts activity prohibitions

48. Central global governance mandated food and liquid consumption activity prohibitions

49. Central global governance mandated arts creation activity prohibitions

50. Central global governance mandated radio frequencies activity prohibitions

51. Central global governance mandated human excretion activity prohibitions

- Johnny

gary said...

johnny, I'm not really making an argument on the degree with which governments should cooperate globally, but rather on how it's should be done, specifically democratically. That way if any of the 51 problems you list arise, the people have only themselves to blame.


johnny said...

Gary, you wrote "cooperate globally" e.g. "Global Cooperation" right?.

Gary, lets get to the center of this core.

Is your mission world peace?


gary said...


Yes, the goal is world peace.


johnny said...


I still believe in individual liberty.

I still believe in individual freewill.

And I have read, researched and experienced the enduring quest to micro-manage mankind.

And in each instant, throughout history, this crown of collective love reaching towards peace has ended in corruption, deceit, lust and bloodshed.

I will not shackle anyone by a dynamic, decentralized, emergent authority no matter how weak a system it is.

I believe the words of Jesus still holds true today proclaiming liberty to the captives.

I believe, as you can already guess, mankind cannot make a heaven on earth.

So in regards to world peace through a United Democratic Nations I say yes to the great wonderful gifts God has bestowed to each individual.


gary said...


Clearly all the abuses of government you describe are always a danger. My point is that democracy is the best system for preventing such abuses. Do you agree?


johnny said...

I say "NO" to a United Democratic Nations