Monday, April 20, 2009

The Dynamite Redhead: Global Governance Tries To Muddle U.S. Tea Parties


By: Devvy
April 13, 2009
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My last column, Lot's of Tea Parties - And then?, brought some emails complaining I was beating up on Glenn Beck of the FAUX (FOX) News Network because Beck is "our hero." What I did in that column is the same thing I've been doing going on twenty years: Ask questions. Who is Glenn Beck? How did he become a $50 million dollar anchor on a "conservative" network like FAUX after jumping from the liberal CNN? Why does he refuse to have guests on that would debunk some of what he's been peddling with hard facts instead of emotion?

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tinas said...

I was reading you archives and couldn't find anymore postings to other research topics you were discovering and writing about. Do you have a paid newsletter or an email publication list?

johnny said...

Yes, with my publishing company.