Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Eddie Murphy's And Dan Ackroyd's Are Waking Up...Hint Hint Community Currencies Are Rising

In Detroit, three downtown businesses have created a local currency, or scrip, to keep dollars earned locally in the community.

Communities print their own currency to keep cash flowing

A small but growing number of cash-strapped communities are printing their own money.

Borrowing from a Depression-era idea, they are aiming to help consumers make ends meet and support struggling local businesses.

The systems generally work like this: Businesses and individuals form a network to print currency. Shoppers buy it at a discount — say, 95 cents for $1 value — and spend the full value at stores that accept the currency.

I really am encouraging my readers to heed the advice from Catherine Austin Fitts' Solari Blog

She is the real deal maaaaan!

She was in it and resisted it and now she is giving priceless advice to survive it.

She has a great yearly report that you can be apart of.

She's awesome! - Johnny

P.S. "Trading Places" is a classic movie in my opinion.

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