Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To Hell With Gaza, Let's Go To The Holocaust Museum First

In May Pope Benedict XVI is scheduled to visit the Yad Vashem "Holocaust" museum commemorating events -- both real and imagined -- that are 65 years-old, but not Gaza, the site of the Israeli massacre that resulted in the slaughter of 1400 Palestinians three months ago, including hundreds of Palestinian children who were murdered by the pontiff's "Holocaust" hosts. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. --M. Hoffman

The Pope’s Whirlwind Tour Of The Holy Land
Reuters | April 12th, 2009
by Ari Rabinovitch

The Holy Land is scrambling in its preparations for the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI, pouring millions of dollars into infrastructure and security. It comes just nine years after his predecessor, John Paul II, made his historical visit. He will be traveling from May 8-15.
More than 1 million Christian pilgrims passed through Israel last year, and the tourism ministry is preparing for a spike in that number around the time of the pope’s visit. The pontiff will travel with heavy security, sometimes on new roads built specifically for him.

Pope Benedict will begin his trip with a few days inJordan. He is expected to give a speech at the ancient basilica on Mount Nebo that overlooks the Jordan River and Jerusalem. Mount Nebo is believed to be where the Prophet Moses died. The pope will also hold a mass at the Amman International Stadium.

Yad VashemOne of the pope’s first stops in Israel will be at the Jewish state’s memorial to victims of the Nazi Holocaust. It is particularly significant because of the controversy surrounding his decision to lift the excommunication of a bishop who denies the Holocaust. Pope Benedict later admitted the Vatican mishandled the affair. He will meet Jewish Holocaust survivors and attend a ceremony in the Hall of Remembrance, a common stop among visiting dignitaries. He will also plant a tree in a nearby forest.

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Both Michael Hoffman and Barry Chamish are ON TARGET about this event, although viewing it from opposite angles. Just a coincidence? You decide. - Johnny


Anonymous said...

To compare Gaza, who routinely sent rockets to Israel, to the Holocaust which killed millions simply because of their race is horrific!

Take Spurgeon off your website, he would be outraged to see his picture associated with you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoffman, you need to check your facts. It seems you're buying into the Arab rhetoric which claims that what happened in Gaza was slaughter. I'm not prepared to defend every action of Israel's, but their restraint in the face of what they have faced has been remarkable, and honorable. The comparison to the Holocaust is poorly drawn, and frankly, based on who your blogging affiliates are, I'm surprised and disappointed to read your comment!

Anonymous said...

BArry chamish is right!bye bye gaza down the rabbit hole.johnny, to hell with gaza?to hell with the vatican! this is new world order political elitism bullsh_t.as a man of jewish descent I will not bend over to any priest or rabbi.this iz craptacular global governance in all its glory. we're close people.

tinas said...

"Dignitaries", whatta you expect people?

Jesus failed as a dignitary then and would fail now in the glitterati eyes of men.

Praise The Lord! He's coming soon.

Setterman said...

Johnny, I don’t understand why you have the links to M. Hoffman? Are you saying that after years of missiles being fired into Israel, and those missiles fired from homes where “innocents” would be living, that Israel has no right for self defense? If so, I’ll have to stop reading your blog and consider that you are being used by demons.
Don’t you weep for Israel and the soon to come holocaust?
If I found my sympathies where M. Hoffman does I would consider myself NOT Christian.

johnny said...

Setterman, PAY BARRY CHAMISH's "BYE BYE GAZA" Paperback book for $25.48.


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BOTH books are worth their weight in critical investigative research.


Setterman said...

Johnny, I have a Bible, invest in one!

johnny said...


You'll never connect the dots