Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let Us Not Go Back To The Egg: The Mystic Egg Of Babylon's Venus Ishtar

Easter Sunday or Ishtar Sunday? You decide - Johnny

What’s So Sacred About Easter?

April 6, 2009 | From theTrumpet.com

Plain truths about what many Christians consider the holiest day of the year
By Mark Jenkins and Carl Hilliker

Every year, millions of Christians observe Easter to memorialize the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter service—considered the most sacred observance of the year—focuses the Christian community on the miracle of His resurrection much like Christmas focuses it on His birth.

But on a day that is considered so sacred, people worship with bunny rabbits, hot cross buns and colored eggs. What do these things have to do with worshiping Jesus Christ or commemorating His resurrection?

Moreover, why didn’t anyone observe Easter in the Bible? Why didn’t Jesus Christ leave instructions regarding its observance? If you keep Easter, do you understand why you do?

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