Thursday, April 10, 2008

Destination Universitas Foundation

A unique refuge where leaders may rediscover clarity and personal renewal

An Invitation

We offer this project to our global family
as a place where present world realities
can be transformed into global balance.

We invite you to participate in this magnificent adventure!


The mission of Destination Universitas Foundation is to create better balance in the world by transforming leaders.

Executive Summary

Destination Universitas will strive to advance its mission of renewing global leaders by launching its initial leadership sanctuary and programs at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada. The intent of the Destination Universitas Foundation is to purchase a unique property,create an empowering infrastructure, design and build model facilities and develop global leadership programs. Once established, this exclusive and dynamic environment will provide a transformational environment where leaders will be inspired to be effective in the 21st century.


Rudi said...

Hi Johnny- You sure do find some
captivating news to report.
Shades of "Hotel California"! No kidding… after reading the news article and Destination Universitas Foundation information
the words to that long forgotten Eagles song are now playing in my head. :(
Take a look, it’s eerie.

Seriously, I found it very interesting that Donna Vassar has set up the "Foundation" with the SPECIFIC purpose of raising money for a SPECIFIC project which has first and foremost as it’s mission being that of “renewing global leaders” (that gives it a political “interest” IMO).
The building itself is called a SANCTUARY. The buildings architects have “travelled to study the life and architecture of Buddhist Dzongs (monasteries) in Bhutan and the Christian orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos and Meteora in Greece.” The “vision”
For the building is to be:
Part monastery
A place with “Contemplation Spaces”
Have “sanctuary tables”
all so that the leaders
“emerge - renewed, with clarity, and reflecting true
transformation” (These terms show it to be of a “religious” interest )
and then, in the “About Us” section of the "Destination Universitas Foundation" website it states, “The Foundation is free from political,
religious, or commercial interests.”
Clearly there IS a “SHIFT” taking place. This is a good example of a distinction being made between what is “religious” from what is ”spiritual” The “New Spirituality” is most definitely being warmly welcomed. "Such a lovely place … Such a lovely place…" -Rudi

ps: Because of all the hoopla over copyright infringement the last few days I'm going to repost your links because I sited from them in my comments.

johnny said...

Clever Rudi!!

Eerie, Rudi!!
Scary Eerie!!

I get it.

Hotel California For 21st Century Leaders.

The theme of "shifting into transformational renewal" reminds me of the movie "Logan's Run".

I keep thinking one day the world will be lead into believing it's time for each of us to "Renew In Carousel".

The crystal in our hand will turn "Red" (maybe fiery red, maybe a fire in the crystal red) transmitting to us it's our turn to Renew in Carousel.

Rudi, like the theme in Orlando, FL at Walt Disney's Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror ride:

You Can Check In -
But You Can't Check Out!

At least, not as your old self.