Monday, April 14, 2008

The Shell Game: Fictional Novel About Geopolitics & Energy Security Captures Desperate Spirit Of The Times We're Living In

Award Winning Science Fiction Novelist, Steve Alten, captures the Desperate Spirit Of Geopolitics and Energy Security in his latest Fiction book entitled, "The Shell Game".

A whodunnit mystery based on the last grab efforts of oil wrapped in an enigmatic layer of intrigue and deception.

Although there will be an absence of a strong intertwined connection between Javier Solana, The European Union, The Alliance of Civilizations and the dubious NATO Transformation, The Shell Game will certainly entertain detective enthusiasts and an eye to detail individuals.

As the debunking of "Peal Oil" has yet to be mentioned or addressed in mainstream media, as well as the debunking of "Javier Solana and Recommendation 666" has yet to mentioned or addressed in mainstream Christianity, The Shell Game can either be ignored or enjoyed.

Even with the enormous amount of research and writing, Steve Alten's "The Shell Game" will be included in my reading leisure where often times a little bit of truth, can be found in the canvass of geopolitics.


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