Sunday, April 13, 2008

Youthful German Skeptics Challenge Religious Convention

They'd rather be dancing than praying

A generation of young Germans has turned its back on organized religion, finding the church outdated and irrelevant. Yet a new study shows that focusing on spirituality could win them back.

A newly released survey by the Heidelberg-based Sinus-Sociovision showed that while young people search for meaning to their lives, they don't equate the answers with religion.

Sinus-Sociovision identified different "milieus," or groupings of young people with similar goals and values, such as traditionalists, post-materialists, hedonists or experimentalists. Some of these groups have little or no contact with organized religion. Yet across many different types of youth, there's a general interest in spirituality, the survey found.

This is backed up by a Bertelsmann Foundation study published in December 2007, which found that a relatively large 41 percent of Germans aged 18 to 29 expressed belief in God, and life after death.



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johnny said...

Friend Bjorn and Rich and Constance and Dorothy and Rudi and Dawn and Leana and ALL THE GREAT WATCHER INVESTIGATORS, stand firm and be counted worthy as we surrender and humble ourselves into the loving hands of our Resurrected Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in these dark and perilous days.

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