Thursday, April 3, 2008

USA and The Czech Republic Agree On Anti – Missile Shield Location

At the Bucharest NATO Summit, the USA and The Czech Republic reached Thursday an agreement on the American anti – missile shield location on the Czech territory, it is said in a joint press declaration at Bucharest.

"USA and the Czech Republic are pleased to announce that the negotiations over the anti – missile shield agreement have been concluded. We intend to sign the agreement in the near future. This agreement represents an important step forward to protect our people and our NATO allies from the more and more visible threat represented by the ballistic missile proliferation and by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction", a press release informs.

The agreement stipulates locating a radar station on the territory of The Czech Republic. Its mission is to detect ballistic missile launches. The respective radar station will be connected to douzines of missile interceptors that are to be installed in Poland.

Washington and Warsaw are still discussing on this matter, because Poland asks for a supplemetary support for modernising the Polish army in exchange of signing this agreement.

NATO leaders agreed Thursday, at the Bucharest NATO Summit, on the full support to the American project concerning the anti – missile shield.

Taken from Bucharest Rompres

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