Friday, April 18, 2008

Javier Solana Would Have Applauded The Pope's European Unity Speech Last Week - Evangelicals, Pay Attention!

St. Benedict and the key to European unity

Vatican, Apr. 9, 2008 ( - At his regular weekly public audience on April 9, Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) spoke about the enormous influence of his namesake, St. Benedict.

Speaking to about 22,000 people gathered in St. Peter's Square, the Holy Father resumed his series of talks on the Church fathers, which he had interrupted during the past two weeks to focus on the liturgical events of Holy Week and the Easter vigil.

St. Benedict, the Pope said, is "the father of western monasticism, who with his life and work exercised a fundamental influence on the development of European civilization and culture." His life and work-- recounted in a biography that was written by Pope Gregory the Great-- helped Europe to emerge from the "dark night of history" that followed the fall of the Roman empire.

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rose said...


Did you even read this short (but nonetheless wonderful) article before composing your headline? Your headline suggests you did not.

The influence of St. Benedict produced "a true spiritual ferment" in Europe, and over the coming decades his followers-- the fast-growing Benedictine order-- spread across the continent...the "vital lifeblood" of European unity is the Christian heritage to which St. Benedict made such an enormous contribution.

What ideas is Pope Benedict advancing here that you think Solana would approve of? Europe's Judeo-Christian heritage is precisely what Solana eagerly wishes to dismantle and extinguish.

Don't let your dislike of the Catholic Church cloud your capacity for critical thinking. You, too, will need both faith AND reason--in the days ahead.

St. Benedict of Nursia, pray for us!


johnny said...

The Idolatry use of Saints falls EXCATLY IN LINE with the IDOLATRY USE OF THE ANTI- CHRIST.

And how convenient it is to tie into the EU?

Don't Let The New Age Movement cloud the essence of this ploy.

Do You Need Scriptural Non-Catholic References?


johnny said...

Why bring The EU under Jesus?

I'll tell you why, Rose.

Because it doesn't fit their agenda.

The New Age Movement wants all to be brought into the fold departing away from the one true way, Jesus.

Everybody but Jesus.
Anybody but, Jesus.

Through Jesus Christ ALONE, Rose,
Not Saint Benedict.


rose said...


You didn't address the issue I raised, which was that Pope Benedict is speaking to the centrality of Europe's Christian heritage--not European unity--which the EU are trying to extinguish.

Catholics don't worship saints or find salvation "through" them--do your homework Johnny--use your God-given capacity for reason to guide your emotion. The saints embody what Karol Wojtyla spoke about as the "Universal call to holiness"--and never in history have we needed more to heed this call.

The dark side loves to see Christians going after the communion of saints, who all fought valiant battles with the devil. You are focusing on the wrong enemy.

I love my Catholic faith as much as you love your Protestant faith, and I know scripture as well as you. You will notice that however, I don't challenge your sincerity, the depth or your faith, or try to get you to prove Sole Scripture or Sole Fide.

Too many of Constance's readers assume that her blog is an extension of Fulfilled Prophecy (where I like to read, but don't post out of respect for their statement of faith with which I cannot fully agree). This is very sad, and lately has led to a lot of problems (I got lashed big time a few months ago by a number of Protestants as the only Catholic regular--having experienced 25 years of this lashing from Evangelical protestants has only strengthened my Catholic faith by inspiring me to learn more about it to try to understand why it provokes such vitriol).

There are both faithful Jews and Catholics at Constance's blog as well as a disproportionate number of Protestants like yourself, and the sooner you and some of the other Protestants get used to it--and perhaps even try to learn from us--the better off the quality of the discussions will be!


johnny said...

Let me make my self clearer Rose

The key core centrality of Europe's Christian heritage is Jesus.

Not through the life of someone else or their works.

Not through Peter
Not through Paul
Not through Constance
Not through Johnny
Not through Herb

What ideas are Pope Benedict advancing here that Solana would approve of?

Anybody BUT Jesus directly and Jesus solely?

Jesus Is The Key To Unity, PERIOD, not through the life or organization of someone else.

Not through:

The Fulfilled Prophecy Peterzine Order
The Constance Cumbian My Perspective Order
The Rich of Medfordian Order
The Bjorn Friebergian Order
The 51 Reasons To Say No To Global Governian Order

The day any of us want to be recognized as the key to a true spiritual ferment in America or Europe will be a sign given to all that they no longer need to listen to any of us anymore.

Now maybe a different gospel is being preached here Rose.

Maybe some would rather have their WORKS be recognized and themselves as "a true spiritual ferment" to bring forth Christian heritage in whatever country they are in.

I cannot speak for others and perhaps I am presumptuous. You really need to ask them.

I can unabashedly say 51 Reasons To Say No To Global Governance true spiritual ferment and unity IS JESUS, not me or anything that I do and certainly not key to American unity.

Jesus Is The Key To Unity PERIOD.
Jesus ALONE is The Communion of Saints.

Rose, I certainly hope you know the truth, being a practicing Catholic, that Catholics do worship Saints or count on them for their salvation. They idolize Mary.

Read Vatican doctrine on Mary as being Co-Mediatrix - Co-Redemptrix and their allowance for such belief:

* Mary is Queen of the universe, the advocate, the hope, the refuge of sinners;
* Mary is to be thanked for deliverance from hell;
* Mary is to be thanked for bestowing many graces;
* Mary is to be served;
* Mary protects and guards as a shelter and Mother of mercies;
* Mary is our entire hope of being saved from hell;
* Mary is to be our entire hope of salvation;
* Mary is asked to deliver us from all our sinful temptations;
* Mary can obtain the strength we need to overcome temptations;
* Mary can assist us through life, but especially at the very end;
* Mary’s mercies are mentioned in praise songs to her by those in heaven;

This is clear, undeniable and incontestable proof that Vatican doctrine teaches the idolization of Mary and certainly does not prevent it from being practiced. Her Catholic role in one’s salvation, is to be prayed to and trusted in.

On the other hand, the apostolic teachings clearly denote Jesus to be worshiped and as salvation ALONE.

Rose, you already know about all of this, since you have stated your devoted Catholic studies, there is no need to test the waters here.

On sola fide, read Vatican doctrine on The Council of Trent. The Vatican has refused to change its position on the subject and therefore recognizes all protestants at the websites you mentioned and occasionally visit as nothing more than individuals who are ACCURSED, ANATHEMA. If you'd like, here is a brief video synopsis on the issue from R.C. Sproul, John Macarthur and the late Dr. James Kennedy.

The enemy here is the use of Luciferian ploys that COMPROMISES The Gospel Of Jesus Christ ESPECIALLY in regards to the communion of saints hoping that TOLERANCE and RELATIONSHIPS will outweigh apostolic doctrine with the agenda of shipwrecking truth.

It's not a complete denial of Jesus, a complete denial of Buddha, or a complete denial of Muhammad Satan wants, it's a consensual grafting with other religions wrapped as love and unity spread with a mustard of false doctrine.

How strong a delusion these events are getting is just the beginning. This grafting is being executed right now by Javier Solana, The EU, The AOC, The UN and The ENPI and so on and so on AND will inevitably be enforced.

Now you tell me Rose how more historic and truthful, especially right now as the EU is reviving itself, it would have been had Ratzinger stated that "Jesus" is the Key To European Unity and not the through the WORKS and life of St. Benedict and the Benedictine order.

There is another gospel being preached here Rose. And the bottom line is that it is apostate. But I think you already know that, whether you truly believe it or just verbally say it without thinking about it, that's another post.

Time is running out, it's time to come out of her.


Anonymous said...


You seem like a good person who sincerely desires to serve the Lord.

Let me say in response--it is time for you to begin to use your God-given critical faculties to weigh the evidence yourself, instead of just selectively quoting misinterpretations spoon-fed to you by Protestants with a strong anti-Catholic agenda.

Nothing in your post addresses the issues I raised. You are simply swimming in emotional "Praise the Lord" soup.

Learning to decipher and defend theological positions using critical reasoning is key if you wish to influence others to see things from your point of view.

Your blog is the opposite of what you claim it to be-- it is filled with your own ego, not with the gospel of Jesus Christ. You could remedy this by a dose of humility and critical reasoning (Constance is a great role model in this regard!).

I sincerely wish you the best in your faith journey -- maybe someday you will find your way home out of this cul-de-sac of emotionalism and in to the riches and mysteries of the Catholic faith.

I'm outta here Johnny!

In Christ,


Anonymous said...


One more thing -- here is a WONDERFUL resource for Protestants to learn about, and obtain a balanced view of, the Catholic faith:

You really need to stop relying on Jack Chick tracts for your information!

Okay, now I really am out of here.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the truth Johnny; it is what I needed.

Rudi said...

Hi Johnny- Clearly the gloves are off and the battle is on. I say, game on! The battle belongs to the Lord. -Rudi