Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Retreat For World Leaders

An artist’s impression of the Universitas Leadership Sanctuary in the Nevada desert. Image: Chetwood Associates

The Universitas Leadership Sanctuary is intended as part monastery and part conference centre where the most powerful men and women on the planet can get away from it all with a combination of reading, contemplation and even a spot of gardening.

To remind them of their role as leaders of the planet, the sanctuary will be built in the shape of a four-storey globe on the shores of Lake Las Vegas, a privately-owned lake in the south Nevada desert where temperatures can reach 50C at the height of summer.

"The Universitas Leadership Sanctuary will be a centre specifically created to embrace and challenge leaders," says the vision document which Vassar has published. "Together we will create an individual journey leading to the highest place within, enabling leaders to reconnect with their unique purpose in life. They emerge - renewed, with clarity, and reflecting true transformation."

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