Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saudi Church Project Runs Into The Sand

Saudi Church Project Runs into the Sand

By Alexander Smoltczyk in Rome

Two years after Benedict XVI's comments about Islam sparked protests around the world, the pontiff is once again in conflict with Muslims. This time, friction between the Vatican and Muslims is delaying the construction of what would be Saudi Arabia's first church.

A small group of prominent Islamic scholars recently stood at the airport in Rome, waiting to be picked up. But no one showed up. Instead, the academics had to find their own way to the Vatican, where they had been invited to attend a meeting to establish a "Catholic-Muslim Forum."

It was probably just a slip-up on the part of the Vatican. But it was yet another false step in the ongoing dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Islamic world.



johnny said...

Could a consensual multi-faith worship center be birthed out of the chaos.

And if so, what better place to begin than Jerusalem.

What are your thoughts?


Kera said...

I know because of this situation that it leave a wide open door for "others" to step in and put their two cents in to bring together the Christians and Muslims. If they can't work it out well we know who has the answer to their problem so yes the door is open for many possibilities including of course a multi-faith worship center.