Friday, April 18, 2008

The Pope, The Rabbi and The Alliance Of Civilizations

The Pope, The Rabbi and The Alliance Of Civilizations

How Much More Can Lukewarmness Get?

Apparently, A Lot More!

And today is a day that will be remembered as another compromising step to Global Governance.

The Alliance of Civilizations Jewish High Level Group member Rabbi Arthur Schneier will go down in Jewish history as another compromiser paving the way to the future Global Governance World hand in hand with it's Sister Bride Global Religion.

As The Pope enjoys a visit at Schneier's Park East Synagogue will this day be remembered as a day of Christian Unity or Christian Compromise?

Only the daring are asking.

Bloomberg hopes this will put an end to Vatican Jewish quarreling.

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johnny said...

I know it sounds like the start of a joke, "The Pope, The Rabbi and The Alliance of Civilizations are sitting at bar", but this is a serious as it can get.


johnny said...

Let's see,

U.S. - Muslim Engagement:
Reversing The Downward Spiral

and now

Vatican - Jewish Engagement:
Consensus Building 101-
Consensual Sacre Majistatis