Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Foolin! Germany, France To Propose Jointly Hosting 2009 NATO Summit

Germany, France to Propose Jointly Hosting 2009 NATO Summit

Germany and France have offered to jointly host NATO's 60th anniversary summit next year at two sites near the Franco-German border.

German government spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm said the two governments will formally make the offer during this week's NATO summit in the Romanian capital.

As proposed, the 2009 meeting in Strasbourg and the nearby German town of Kehl would mark the first time a NATO summit would be hosted by more than one country.

Wilhelm said the proposal is meant to underscore the importance of German-French friendship and of NATO's role in European post-World War II reconciliation.


Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.


johnny said...

Each country's fiercest, historical military leader would be proud!

I hope you're watching all of this.

johnny :)

johnny said...

10 hours away from BUCHAREST!!!

I've got my 3d glasses, extra popcorn and flavored soda water ready.

johnny :)

Rudi said...

I hope you got butter on the popcorn and some red licorice, I'll be watching too. :) -Rudi